Authorized Items for Inmates
  1. Money (in the form of cash at visiting and/or money order in the mail, OR PUT ON THE INMATES ACCOUNT BY
  2. Bible or Quran or any other form of booklet from religious belief, must be paperback. No other BOOKS, MAGAZINES, OR NEWSPAPERS allowed in the mail OR BROUGHT IN.
  3. Court clothing, (If an inmate is going to have a trial by jury).
  4. Legal papers MUST BE MAILED Legal papers MUST BE MAILED
  5. All CLOTHING, FOOD and HYGIENE items are available on commissary and will not be accepted IN THE MAIL. No envelopes, paper or stamps will be accepted, they are available on commissary as well.
  6. We DO NOT accept pictures or letters from family members at visiting. .They will need to be mailed to the jail.
  7. Prescription glasses must be authorized by medical staff.
  8. No unauthorized items can be left for a person at the jail at any time. If any unauthorized items are mailed to this facility the items will be confiscated as contraband and disposed of..
  9. Only mail in regular sized envelopes will be accepted. No larger than 9 inches x 4 inches.
  10. No x-rated, gang affiliated, and or otherwise offensive pictures will be given to inmates from the mail. Only 5 pictures can be mailed at one time.

Absolutely no other articles will be accepted.

Click here for Inmate Commissary Account information.


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