Sheriff David W. Hunt

​Sheriff David W. Hunt, is a native of Monticello, IL, and when elected sheriff in 2010, brought 27 years of law enforcement experience to the office.

After graduating from Monticello High School, Dave served six years in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer at Grand Forks Air Force Base and as a Security Police Officer and S.W.A.T. Instructor at Lockland Air Force Base.

After spending a short time as a corrections officer with the Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office he spent six years with Johnson Controls at Cape Canaveral Florida as a Law Enforcement Officer, Supervisor and S.W.A.T. team leader.

Dave returned to Monticello in 1994 and spent 15 years in the Piatt County Sheriff's Office as a Sheriff's Deputy, Fire Arms Instructor and Investigator. Dave ran for and was elected Sheriff of Piatt County in 2010.


Jail Superintendent Karla Bell

Karla Bell has been Jail Superintendent for the Piatt County Sheriff’s Office since August, 2007. Prior to coming to Piatt County in 2007, Karla spent 22 years in various law enforcement positions in Delaware County, Indiana.

Beginning in 1985, Karla spent nearly four years as a part-time reserve officer for the City of Muncie Police Department and another six and one-half years as a full time reserve officer for the Delaware County Sheriff's Department.

From September 1989 to January 1991, Karla worked as a Jail Officer for Delaware County and attended the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Jail Officer training course.

In January, 1991, and for the next sixteen years, Karla worked for Delaware County Community Corrections as Community Service Coordinator, Work Crew Supervisor and House Arrest Surveillance Officer, until coming to Piatt County in 2007.


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